Taipei – Day 2


Slept well. After waking up we headed out for breakfast at nearby Cafe Bene. Our hotel didn’t have a restaurant or offer meals but had deals going with three local cafes, all within a short walk. We placed our orders using the English menu card and headed upstairs. Pretty soon our food and drinks were ready. Once we had finished eating we put water bottles supplied by the hotel and a jacket and my camera in our daypacks and headed out. We walked up to the main train station and purchased a ticket to go to Blue line, station 10, the Lonsgshan Temple. Exits were in Chinese and English and we quickly saw which exit we needed on disembarking from the train. The temple was just across the road.We spent about twenty minutes looking around.

The gardens were very peaceful with many water features.

The rooves were ornately decorated with many dragons.Loved these orchids, a stunning colour pink.This was in the centre of the forecourt. On leaving the temple we walked back east along the street.Soon after we came to the Bopillao Historic Block, a block of buildings and laneways that had been renovated as part of the redevelopment of the historic Wanhua District.As we walked down one of the laneways we came upon this movie poster. Apparently the streets here are frequently used by TV and film crews.We continued our walk east. These old houses were dwarfed by the apartment buildings surrounding them.

After about twenty minutes we came to this historic city gate.Twenty minutes later we reached the National Theatre,crossed the road and after passing the theatre came to the garden surrounding the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. A lovely place for a wedding!Continued through the garden before reaching the Liberty Square.After taking a quick selfie we made our way up the stairs of the Memorial Hall. Inside it was rather gloomy but there is a massive statue of Chiang Kai-shek within the building. This is the view of the whole area from the top of the stairs.You can see the Liberty Arch and Square at the far end and the National Concert Hall on the right. We went through Liberty Arch and continued our circuit walk, eventually arriving at the Peace Park, but at the opposite end to where our hotel was located. After making our through the park we stopped at a convenience store to buy some lunch. Being a bit weary we took a short nap before taking another train ride out to the Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market. This time on Red line. The stalls were mostly undercover and well laid out. There were lots of fruit and veggie stalls.It didn’t take long for Karen to find a honey stall, complete with on site bee hive behind glass.The stallholder was busy with another customer, but being the only Anglo there it didn’t take long for a local to start trying to chat with us. Karen showed her some photos of her bees/beehive on her iPad. This led to the lady wanting a photo with Karen.We continued our stroll around the stalls but weren’t really in a position to buy anything, although one lady gave us a sample to try. Having completed a circuit of all the stalls we left the market. On the other side of the station, only a ten minute walk away, was Taipei Confucius Temple. Once there we had a bit of a look around.In the garden was this tree with its massive root system.From there we headed back to the station and took the train on Red line all the way to R02 because we had heard you could do a stair climb up Elephant Mountain for a great view of Taipei 101 Tower.

More about that next post.

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