Taipei 101

Our final sight for the day was Taipei 101 tower. I had read that excellent views of the tower could be had from Elephant Mountain so off we went from Yuanshan/Taipei Expo Park station. Even though it was eleven stops the train soon had us at the end station, Xiangshan. After disembarking we followed the Exit signs towards Elephant Mountain. The sign told us we had about 700m to the start of the stair climb and other walking trails on Elephant Mountain. The roadside path had parkland on one side and some very exclusive looking apartments on the other. After about ten minutes we came to the start of the stair climb. There was a map at the bottom of the stairs. The elephant at the top of the sign left us in no doubt we were in the right place.

So off we set up the stairs. Lots of others were heading up too and there was quite a stream of descenders also. It was quite a steep climb. I stopped from time to time, ostensively to take a look at the view, but in reality to catch my breath.After a good workout we reached the viewing point with a landing balcony. Most people took a quick photo and moved off to allow others on but one trio took an inordinate time. We did make it to the balcony for a few quick snaps of each other.

After admiring the view a bit longer we started our descent.

We really had to keep moving as there was constant foot traffic and you were conscious of not holding people up. I did stop for one more attempt at a more artistic shot.At the bottom of the stairs we noticed this cartoon style sign on a nearby cafe wall so Karen took one more photo of me.

As the light was now fading and it was cooling down we made our way back to the Xiangshan station. From the street we had this one last view of the tower before we caught the train back to the Main Station. After a short walk we were back at our hotel, ready for dinner, which we ate at a nearby Japanese Curry restaurant, Beyco Curry Shokudo, before heading back for a good sleep ready for our tour which was starting the next day.

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